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Urban League of Greater New Orleans Young Professionals (ULGNOYP) promotes efficient, viable, and inclusive opportunities that support growth, learning, and development of young professionals. In the past several years, young professionals have faced an increasingly complex climate that calls for continued development in many areas of their lives. ULGNOYP is aware of the economic challenges facing our nation today and we realized the biggest issue is not that opportunities to improve do not exist, but that many young professional are not aware of opportunities. Therefore, we feel it is our duty to better educate young professionals.

We agree with Anheuser-Busch philosophy that, “One of the best ways to enhance the enjoyment of life is to pursue passions and interests. Education makes this pursuit possible. It also has a great impact on individual lives and the community as a whole.” Therefore, ULGNOYP has created educational training opportunities through seminars and workshops that can improve awareness as well as help individuals obtain professional goals and personal dreams.

In April 2013, ULGNOYP launched a professional development series titled “Young Professionals Urban Leadership Network.” The Young Professionals Urban Leadership Network (YPULN) professional development series consists of seminars and workshops that focus on three key areas: Entrepreneurship, Financial Literacy, and Homeownership. On Wednesday, May 1, 2013 ULGNOYP partnered with the ULGNO Business Resource & Entrepreneurship Center to put on “the Empower Entrepreneurs through Marketing & Social Media” seminar which focused on teaching professionals how to use social media resources to effectively market their business and enhance their overall success with long term sustainable growth.

In the month of June, the professional development series will focus its attention on Financial Literacy and Homeownership. The YPULN will provide flexible and transparent processes so young professional can get the appropriate support needed to enhance their skills by engaging and networking with highly regarded professionals who are looking to share their knowledge and expertise. For example, our very own ULGNOYP President and financial consultant Ricardo Thomas will be our guest speaker for the Financial Literacy workshop and representatives from Iberia Bank will provide information regarding loan education and financial resources that will lead to a successful home purchase during our Homeownership Success seminar. This information will not only equip young professionals with knowledge and skills needed to manage financial resources effectively but it will also stay with them long after the series is over for a lifetime of financial well-being.
ULGNOYP will continue to live out our motto, “empowering communities and changing lives” by offering YPULN throughout the year which truly demonstrates and supports the belief of our NULYP President Brandi Richardson that, “We develop Me.” The rate of return for the investment in our members and our community is simply priceless.

Together, we are creating a Greater New Orleans!