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Greater New Orleans area

Project Details

Extremely popular since the dawn of the new millennium “going green” is a movement focusing on altering behaviors that have a negative impact on the environment. Going green affects several aspects of our daily lives, including the vehicles we drive, businesses we use, food that we eat and energy we consume. Whether it is on a large global scale or within each individual house, the societal infiltration of going green continues to grow.

The Urban League of Greater New Orleans Young Professionals (ULGNOYP) is committed to educating our community, especially our youth in the greater New Orleans area on the importance of going green and simple approaches that can make a huge difference to the environment such as energy conservation and recycling. As we continue to live in the world today, we must be conscious of increasing the sustainability of the environment. With that said, in New Orleans we like to add a piece of our French culture into the project title, “Geaux’n Green in 2013.” This project is comprised of a few different phases.

Phase I – Geaux’n Green-STEM Educational Movement

In April of 2013, ULGNOYP partnered with The National Society of Black Engineers (NBSE) to educated 20 students at St. Augustine High School on wind energy. This project was fun and exciting to the students and allowed them the opportunity to network with young professionals with STEM backgrounds. In June, ULGNOYP and NBSE will partner again to conduct STEM projects at the Urban League College Track (ULCT). Due to these opportunities, we will impact another 40+ students by teaching wind energy.

Phase II – Geaux’n Green-Community Call to Action

In May, ULGNOYP will partner the Lower 9th Ward Center for Sustainable Engagement and Development as well as the local farmer’s market to educate and promote the importance of eating fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies within our community to create and encourage an overall healthier lifestyle. Our goal is to impact at least 10% of the population in New Orleans over the next 12 months.

Phase III – Geaux’n Green- “Don’t Trash Dat, Recycle Dat”

ULGNOYP will partner with the City of New Orleans to create a School Recycling program. We will have our youth decorate recycling bins, to be placed in the entrance, exit and cafeteria of 10 local high schools throughout the greater New Orleans area. ULGNOYP will spend time at each school speaking with students about the importance of “Keeping America Beautiful” by recycling.

Most importantly, we believe that our “Geaux’n Green in 2013” project supports the work of NUL and Anhesuer-Busch, who emphasizes education and economic empowerment as well as environmental responsibility. We strongly agree with Anhesuer-Busch beliefs that, “this is our neighborhood and that makes it our responsibility.” By immersing the importance of “Geaux’n Green” we hope to see this project expand into a way of life.